Parastatic are – Rachel Casey, Jon Garrard, Neil Caffery.

2019 sees parastatic emerging from a self-imposed semi-hibernation for the last few years after the release of their 2nd album Recall Fade Return and the single Saint Mary.  They had played live dates all over the UK in 2015-16 during which they managed to gather a whole pile of plaudits along the way and radio plays via Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq (who described them as “Like New Order going through a Prog phase” ), Gideon Coe and many others, as well as a host of great write-ups in The Guardian, Louder Than War, Drowned in Sound and elsewhere.

2019 sees them in the studio finishing their third album and with a host of exciting shows booked already this year represents their return in earnest to the live scene.

Over the last few years parastatic have played across the UK alongside some of their favourite artists – Public Service Broadcasting, Damo Suzuki, Moon Duo, Warm Digits, Eat Lights;Become Lights, The Early Years, Baltic Fleet Lorelle Meets the Obselete and many more.

“Krautrock is undergoing something of a resurgence right now but few have dragged it in to the 21st century quite as well as Parastatic. Fusing those wonderful, warm analog synth sounds with a modern dance sensibility.” The Guardian

“Parastatic infuse their spirit of experimentation with an irresistible sense of directness…” Drowned in Sound

“Total obliteration of the senses guaranteed.”  NME

Our earlier story…

2015’s Recall Fade Return marks a welcome return from Tyneside krautedelic spacerockers Parastatic. Retaining the hypnotic repetitive elements of debut album Lost Highway, Recall Fade Return has a more more propulsive and at times urgent dimension, aided by the addition of Rachel Casey on live drums, shifting the band’s sound into a space somewhere between post-rock, shoegaze and kosmische. As Drowned in Sound remarked of Lost Highway, “You can very easily find yourself lost in its spacey groove”.

Rachel replaces synth / drum programmer Richard. In Rachel’s own words, “I had just been a human sacrifice for an art/music performance with my previous band. Neil and Jon probably saw me awash with blood playing drums and guitar in my knickers and bra with wilder men dancing around me chanting. Clearly I was their next choice for a drummer.”

Recall Fade Return reviews:

“Parastatic infuse their spirit of experimentation with an irresistible sense of directness…” 7/10
Drowned in Sound

“Total obliteration of the senses guaranteed.”

“‘Recall Fade Return’ is a damn fine album, an album of diverse colour and texture, skilfully woven into a warm expansive soundscape.”
Louder than War

“Epic…A strange hybrid of Spiritualized, prog and New Order.”
Steve Lamacq, 6 Music

Recall Fade Return is one of those game changing albums… a moment in a band’s career when they hit upon a sound so good that it would be foolish not to run and run with it. It is an album that from the off just oozes with confidence and grace and not a moment goes by when you aren’t thrilled by something new.”
Echoes and Dust

“Excellent stuff.”
Lauren Laverne, 6 Music

“the musical equivalent to opening a door and stumbling into a confusing and dreamy alien landscape.”

Recall Fade Return is great of example of sonic motility and mobility. The nu-Kraut revival continues.”
Both Bars On

“The ten track album executes a flawless dance of loop and layer …” 8/10

“like bathing in liquid sunshine; a post-rocking delight seeking out nirvana among the heavens and damn well finding it.”
The Crack



They will be touring the UK in March 2015.

The forthcoming album ‘Recall / Fade / Return’ looks likely to build on the critical acclaim received for the band’s debut record – ‘Lost Highway’.

‘You can very easily find yourself lost in its spacey groove’  Drowned in Sound

‘’GlaxoChem’, the kind of space-drone that Jason Pierce was messing around with in the early 90s, with a repetitive guitar loop that recalls ‘Electric Mainline’. Soon to be joined by another insistent beat, it quickly resembles the type of sonic textures Neu! were exploring twenty years previously and it works fabulously.”  Sound of Confusion


“The kind of propulsive, joyous, trancelike music that bundles up the likes of Neu! The Orb and Spiritualized into one pulsating whole…a cloud-scraping slab of motorik bliss which feels like the band have managed to bottle the essence of the sun coming up in the morning.”  The Crack

With pulsating bass lines and sweeping synthesiser melodies throughout this LP is a revelation in looping, much like Tall Ship’s debut ‘Everything Touching’, this album is a definite testament to the fact that it does not take structural complexity and mind-numbingly deep lyrics to create a perfect song.” Shout4music


‘Each track is hypnotic.. You can’t help but be lulled into some kind of musical trance’ Narc

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