"Krautrock is undergoing something of a resurgence right now but few have dragged it in to the 21st century quite as well as Parastatic. Fusing those wonderful, warm analog synth sounds with a modern dance sensibility."

- The Guardian

"Visually plugged for stroboscopic times and crowd musically bound to Parastatic electroloud. We are mutual, and blithely susceptible to the artistry of Krautrock Mohr."

- noredindian

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"Parastatic make the kind of propulsive, joyous, trancelike music that bundles up the likes of Neu! The Orb and Spiritualized into one pulsating whole…a cloud-scraping slab of motorik bliss which feels like the band have managed to bottle the essence of the sun coming up in the morning."

- The Crack

"You can very easily find yourself lost in its spacey groove."

- Drowned in Sound

"Prog on the Tyne!"

- Mark Radcliffe

"Each track is hypnotic…Joy Division’s broodiness melded with resonating synths that sink into your subconscious…you can’t help be lulled into some kind of musical trance."

- NARC magazine

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